Bouchard reveals her favorite cheat meal

Bouchard reveals her favorite cheat meal

During an interview with Golf Mostly, Eugenie Bouchard, former Wimbledon finalist, revealed what is her favorite cheat meal. “Pizza and ice cream. One after the other,” said Bouchard.

Bouchard once played tennis with taco in hand

Back in 2020, Eugenie Bouchard, jointly with many other players of the ATP and WTA tour, decided to join a new challenge: playing tennis with a taco in hand, participating in the ‘Mess free challenge’, launched by the Foundation Tennis by Australian Nick Kyrgios together with the Old El Paso brand.

“Thanks for nominating me @monicaace93 for the @oldelpaso #MessFreeChallenge. How did I do? Together, we are donating 10k meal kits to Canadian families plus up to 10k more for every share of my video on Instagram. You’re next @SofiaKenin #MakeTonightTacoNight #sponsor”

Bouchard could not eat before matches

Eugenie Bouchard was suspected of having an eating disorder when she stated in 2015 that she couldn’t eat anything before matches because she was nervous.

In a 2016 interview, the Canadian confirmed that she had never claimed to have an eating issue. “I don’t have one and never have had one. That was something I was disappointed to see. I was describing how I would be nervous before matches and have trouble eating, which has happened to me since I was eight years old and playing tournaments.

It definitely happened more frequently in 2015 but now I am less concerned about what people think. Now I worry about me and I can eat a lot,” she said, before continuing, “What I learned the most last year was to look out for myself and do what’s best for me, not worry about what people think or say.

I was living with a lot of pressure and expectations. Now I’ve adopted a go-for-it attitude. Life is short and this career is super short – and I want to enjoy it. I took a step back and looked at the big picture. It’s tennis.

It’s a beautiful game so I want to enjoy it.” Off-topic, speaking about taking up a sport other than tennis, Bouchard said, “I played basketball as a child and it’s my favorite sport apart from tennis. I think I’d be okay if I continued practicing.

Right now I’m terrible but I used to be good.” When asked why she hadn’t opted for ice hockey, which is a popular sport in Canada, she said that she wasn’t too fond of the cold and added, ‘ That’s why I play tennis.

I play a summer sport. Yeah, I’d have to go with that one.”

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