Mike Krzyzewski discusses Jon Scheyer's Duke head-coaching debut

Mike Krzyzewski discusses Jon Scheyer’s Duke head-coaching debut

Duke is in its first season post-Mike Krzyzewski. But the winningest coach in college basketball history remains involved in the program, and still meets with Duke’s new coach, Jon Scheyer.

“I’m good. I watch it more, yeah, analytically, and then make some notes,” Krzyzewski said, on the Dan Patrick Show. “And then if Jon Scheyerwho’s the coach and has done a great job, Jon and I are really close and most of the time we’ll get together, not right after the game, but the next day and spend a few minutes and no earth shattering things, like ‘You should run a different defense or offense,’ but I might notice just something about one of the kids on the team.

“And just listen to him, where his head is at because he’s really good, not good, he’s like really good. But he can bounce things off of me and I’ll give him an honest answer and use the experience that I’ve But Dan he … I’ve known Jon since he’s 16, and he was a great player, a national champion in our program and he was with me for nine years as a coach, so we’re very close and I really think he’s terrific.”

Patrick opined that Scheyer may face more pressure than any other coach in America, but Krzyzewski said his former player is well equipped to handle it.

“For him, he’s always been the top player. He was the player of the year in the state of Illinois, a state champion. Jon is accused of having the spotlight on him, and I think he was born to be in pressure, or what other people think is pressure,” Krzyzewski said. “And I think he looks at it as a great opportunity, and I think he handles things very well. As a player, I would say he’s kind of unflappable. He never got too excited. He never got down. And he did something as a player that we don’t get very much anymore, and that is somebody on the court who can make decisions about your team in the moment it’s happening, that they understand time, score, scouting report, who’s in, instead of waiting for a timeout or a stop action for a coach to tell them. And those type of players are invaluable. There just aren’t as many like that, and he was one of them for me.”

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Scheyer was a first-team All-ACC pick and a second-team All-American in 2009-10, when he led Duke to his penultimate national title. And he has Duke off to a solid start, with the Blue Devils’ lone loss Tuesday to Kansas at Champions Classic.

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