FINAL: Davidson 69 - Carolina 60

FINAL: Davidson 69 – Carolina 60

CHARLESTON- After a lopsided defeat against Colorado State when first-year basketball head coach Lamont Paris said “there was no real fight” in his team, South Carolina will take on Davidson, another team that made the NCAA Tournament a year ago.

The Gamecocks (2-1) were run out of the building 85-53 at TD Arena in their first game of the Charleston Classic. Freshman GG Jackson led the team in scoring with 20 points and rebounding with seven, and also had a team-high 30 minutes played.

Countdown to tipoff preview: Carolina vs. davidson

Now, Carolina will face the Wildcats (3-1), which dropped an 89-66 decision to hosts College of Charleston in the nightcap on Thursday. It is the first time this season in four games that Davidson has tasted defeat.

7:43, 2H – Davidson has played so much better than South Carolina ever since the double techs. They deserve to be up in this game. But refs have called some silly fouls and Davidson has gotten some silly bounces. Carolina taking some silly shots, too, and making very few. Davidson 56 – Carolina 47

11:37, 2H – Davidson picks up its seventh team foul in the first four-plus minutes of the second half. It’s 7 fouls to 2, so you know they’re going to call some ticky tack ones on the Gamecocks here coming up. Turnover leads to easy transition points for the Wildcats to take a one-point lead. Brown and BBV both miss looks from the paint. Neither easy, but some of these points in the paint have to go down. Kocher hits a triple, and it’s now a two-possession game. Davidson 42 – Carolina 38

15:38, 2H – Double techs assessed after Hayden Brown flexes on a dude who was laying on the ground after blocking his shot. He’s done some stupid things already this year, while also missing a ton of wide open and easy shots. Ugly segment of basketball for both sides. Carolina 34 – Davidson 32

6:57, 1H – BBV misses two bunnies. He was crowded on the second one, but misses the first free throw. Triple by Watson, terrible shot by Wright, Chico Carter called for another offensive foul. This is awful basketball by the Gamecocks. Hayden Brown misses another layup. This one was contested, at least. Seems like a terrible foul call on Jackson. Whistles aren’t going Carolina’s way, that’s for sure, but Gamecocks their own worst enemy so far. Davidson 23 – Carolina 16

11:46, 1H – Hayden Brown misses a bunny, but Josh Gray follows it up. Foster Loyer gives Davidson another lead. Hayden Brown called for a weird charge foul. The only thing I can come up with is he threw his elbow, because the defender was no where near legal guard position. Davidson 17 – Carolina 15

1:44 p.m., 1 a.m. – South Carolina begins the game with a steal by GG Jackson and he finishes in the post on an offensive set. Jackson looks like he has a pretty considerable size advantage over anyone who is going to guard him. He’s had three different guys on him in four possessions. Hayden Brown drives baseline, past the basket, pivots back from where he started and finishes. Very dad-like move. Triple from the wing by the Wildcats. Chico Carter hits a bomb from deep behind the arc after an airball on the other end. Watson hits a triple from the same wing. That was Jackson’s man who got away. After Carter misses a runner, 6-foot-10 Skogman hits a triple to give the Wildcats their first lead. Jackson ties it up on the other end. Score tied at 13

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