Texas earns No. 12 spot in 247Sports' preseason countdown

Texas earns No. 12 spot in 247Sports’ preseason countdown

“You’ve gotta not just win games and compete for championships and win postseason games, but you have to produce pros. I think this freshman class and even Tyrese (Hunter) who they brought in, I think they have a chance to develop into pros.

“(Dillon Mitchell) measured bigger than we thought at the end of last year. That was the big surprise. He was listed at 6-foot-7 throughout his senior year at Montverde. He was arguably their most consistent guy, but everybody was like, ‘Eh, he’s undersized but not overly skilled 4-man, so he’s good but not great.’ Some of the postseason stuff he measured in at 6-foot-8 and that created more of an obvious pathway in terms of the position he can play at subsequent levels. His whole thing is athleticism and energy. Anything after that is a maybe and it’s a maybe down the road. He’s practicing hard, he’s engaged, he takes coaching, he’s a freak athlete who’s going to get you tip dunks and be a lob threat and be active defensively which is a priority for Beard and that staff. But if he can show some growth as a shooter; he’s always shown good touch, he just sprays it a little bit. From an NBA perspective, if he can show growth there that would be noteworthy.

“Dillon had pretty good habits in terms of energy level, being ready for practice, being coachable, he’s already there. For him, because of the NBA hype, the key will be, ‘how does he expand his game without sacrificing his efficiency. ‘ Kind of walking that fine line is going to be key for him.

“(Arterio Morris) may be a little farther away, to be honest. The upside is there with the size, the explosiveness and the playmaking on both ends of the floor. The stuff that’s going to dictate playing time at Texas is going to be totally unprecedented for him in terms of understanding defensive rotations, understanding concepts and stuff like that. His tools are undeniable. Given who they have in the backcourt and what he has to learn, I think patience is going to be required.

“The thing about Rowan Brumbaugh is that he’s a baller. He had the academics to go anywhere, but he’s a baller who wanted to go challenge himself from a basketball standpoint and he’s going to have a chance to do that there. Rowan is at his best when the game goes up and down. He’s really good in the open floor. He sees the floor, he can make plays for others in transition. The biggest thing for him is the defensive end and if he can contain opposing ball handlers because if the guy guarding the ball is giving straight-line drives, your defense cannot thrive. Not sure how many minutes he’s going to have. Given the depth they already have, I think it’s a battle for rotation minutes off the bench.

“(Alex Anamekwe) is a long term guy. His measurables are off the charts, but I’m not sure if he’s ready right now. It’s someone you’ll have to be patient with, but long-term there are real tools. I’m not sure he’s going to be in the rotation right now. In the olden days, they’d probably redshirt him but I don’t know how much sense that makes these days. High physical upside, great body type, great length, good physical athlete, but is going to have a lot of learning to do before making an impact.” — Adam Finkelstein, 247 Sports director of scouting.

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