Policy for Pregnant Officer-Training Candidates Updated

Policy for Pregnant Officer-Training Candidates Updated

Commissioned Officer Training students go through the Officer Training School ropes exercise conditioning course at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., July 24, 2014. (Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Natasha Stannard)

Pregnant airmen, guardians and civilians can now apply and compete for Department of the Air Force officer training school (OTS). If selected, successful candidates would begin their courses anytime between six and 14 and a half months of completing their pregnancy. Candidates who wish to attend OTS earlier than six weeks can apply for waivers.

Enlisted and civilian selectees must meet physical-fitness standards or face the possibility of losing their slots.

“We’re in a race for talent, and our policies need to reflect that,” Under Secretary of the Air force Gina Ortiz Jones said. “This policy change will ensure we’re able to fully tap into the talent amongst our force as well as those looking to join us.”

Previously, all OTS applicants had to be qualified at the time they applied.

“This policy update will attract female talent to the officer ranks. It unequivocally shatters the glass ceiling that has kept or delayed hundreds of women from competing for a DAF commission,” said Capt. Frances Castillo, who took part in the department’s effort to revise the policy. “Thanks to a group of persevering airmen leading change from the grassroots level, combined with senior leaders slashing bureaucracy, highly qualified candidates will no longer need to choose between advancing their careers or growing their family.”

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