Changing gun policies starts with all of us – Hartford Courant

Changing gun policies starts with all of us – Hartford Courant

In less than 24 hours the cremation of the 36 victims of the Thailand day-care shooting, the Alex Jones judgment in the Sandy Hook shooting that killed 26, and now two Bristol police officers killed and a third shot responding to a domestic violence incident.

We don’t have to ban guns, but we should eliminate the really lethal ones, examine the background and fitness of those seeking guns, eliminate the uncontrolled transfer of guns (illegal sales and gun shows), and remove guns from those who demonstrate violent tendencies or mental illness.

Most Americans share these views because they make sense. This is about the sanctity of human life and the responsibilities we have to one another as members of society. It’s not about politics.

Yes, Americans have a right to guns. I respect that and I’m a gun owner, but that right needs to be accompanied by responsibilities to protect us all.

Please take this moment to reflect on what’s right for all of us.

If you agree change is needed, take action. Contact your elected officials in Hartford and Washington, talk with your friends and family, express yourself on social media, post a sign in your yard, do something. Change is possible, but it starts with us.

Marc A. Reich, Avon

Not financially sophisticated, I could use some help to understand today’s economics. First, it seems that all good news (job gains, stable interest rates, growing export sales, plentiful energy resources) is now bad news to the Fed; and all bad news (soaring inflation, spiking mortgage rates, climbing unemployment claims, rising taxes) is good news. If I’ve got this right, then surely this is a system being managed by economists laboring in protected bunkers that preclude their exposure to the operations of the real world. And if this is right, then I’m recommending here a redefinition of “economics,” changing its “dismal” modifier to something more accurate: the “perverse science.”

Jim Schepker, Niantic

In the 2022 elections there is one question that all candidates must answer. It is “Do you believe The Big Lie?” Yes or no are the only answers, no talking around the issue. This is an easy question for all Democratic candidates. However, for Republican candidates it is a lose-lose question. If they answer yes, then they lose the voters who respect the Constitution. If they answer no, then they lose the MAGA voters.

The press has been giving Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski a very easy time. Stefanowski recently had to admit that his huge consulting contracts over the last three years have been for work done in Saudi Arabia. While legal, this was not something that he wanted brought up before the election. I doubt that he will get any new supporters based on his Saudi Arabia connections.

Henry S. Healy, Bloomfield

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