Iga Swiatek defeated Donna Vekic to win the San Diego Open title.

Iga Swiatek apologizes to Donna Vekic for her behavior in San Diego Open final

Iga Swiatek has apologized to San Diego Open final foe Donna Vekic for flailing her arms at the net during an exchange during their match.

Up by a set but fighting to fend off one of two break points at 2-3 in the second set, Swiatek dashed to the net to answer a net cord by Vekic. The World No. 1 then struck a backhand before raising both her arms in what appeared to be a way of distracting her opponent.

Vekic answered with a strong backhand, and she and Swiatek proceeded to trade hits at the net before the Croat eventually won the point with a forehand crosscourt pass. Vekic went on to win the set and thus level the match.

But Swiatek upped her game in the third, delivering her 21st bagel of the year. The Pole won the match 6-3, 3-6, 6-0 to secure her eighth title of the season.

Swiatek later took to Twitter to share how her prize, which included a surfboard, was the “best ever”, before adding an apology to Vekic.

“This is the best prize/trophy ever! Thank you San Diego for an amazing (cloudy) week and this unique vibe. I love it here. And congrats @DonnaVekic for your amazing run! And sorry for waving my hands at the net, Iga Swiatek tweeted.

Fans on social media were quick to point out during the match that Swiatek’s move should be considered a hindrance, and they also questioned why it was not called by the umpire.

According to the Hindrance Rule under Section 7 on Player Responsibilities and On-Court Rules and Procedures of the WTA Rulebook, “a hindrance may result from a corrected call by an official or an event on the court that may be ruled involuntary or deliberate.”

An involuntary hindrance, when done by the player in case their hat falls or a ball comes out of their pocket and the like, will be called a let initially but will be considered a deliberate hindrance in case of a recurrence.

Involuntary hindrances coming from the player’s environment or those out of their control such as a ball rolling to the court or a paper blowing onto the court will likewise be called a let.

Noises from spectators, including “out” calls, are not considered a hindrance.

On the other hand, any deliberate hindrance from a player will result in the loss of a point.

Iga Swiatek sets sights on WTA Finals

Iga Swiatek claims her eighth title of the year in the San Diego Open.
Iga Swiatek claims her eighth title of the year in the San Diego Open.

Iga Swiatek looks set to give a fitting ending to her incredible year as she moves her attention to the WTA Finals in Texas.

Swiatek, who collected her 64th match win of the season in the San Diego championship match against Donna Vekic, is brimming with confidence heading into the season-ending tournament. But the Pole will take a few days off before she starts with her preparations again.

“For sure getting a few days off is nice. These two weeks, with the tournament in Ostrava, which was super intense and two matches where one was over three hours and one was almost three hours, I feel like I need these days off. Just not going to think about tennis for a few days to refuel and get more energy before the Finals,” Iga Swiatek told WTA Insider.


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