"There was tension Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal," said US reporter

“There was tension Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal,” said US reporter

A relationship, that between Roger Federer and rafael nadal, which however has matured more and more over time until it turns into a real friendship. A relationship that, however, has not always been all roses, especially in the period in which Nadal appeared for the first times among the greatest in tennis and began to carve out his space with competitive ferocity.

There was an episode, for example, which represented a point of tension between the two and it was told by Steve Flink, a well-known American journalist, in the podcast entitled Court-side with Beilinson Tennis. Flink explained: “There were inevitable moments of embarrassment, like the 2006 final in Rome, when Roger thought Toni Nadal was talking too much.

But they got through those moments so easily and quickly. When three French Open finals were played in a row and the Wimbledon final in the same years, there was never anything like it. How can we fail to respect each other when each player is good enough to reach the final on the other’s surface? So I think, in a way, the enormous mutual respect they have for each other was cemented in that moment.”

Federer and the poignant handshake with Nadal

The images of the beautiful and poignant handshake between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal during the Swiss’s farewell to tennis ceremony held at the Laver Cup went around the world.

On the melodious notes of the music of the famous singer Ellie Goulding, the Swiss champion and his rival-friend of all time could not hold back the tears, even sobbing with strong emotion. Christopher Clarey, a reporter for the New York Times, asked Federer in his interview to describe precisely that moment, which the now former Basel tennis player thought had gone unnoticed.

Roger said: “I saw it. Well, I mean, it was a short moment. I think at some point I was sobbing so hard, and I don’t know, everything was going through my head about how happy I was to live this moment right there with everyone.”

Federer who then attributed to Ellie Goulding’s singing skills the credit for having mitigated the emotions of the moment and declared that he held Nadal’s hand as a secret thank you: “I think that was the beauty of sitting there, taking it all in while the music played and the focus was perhaps more on singer Ellie Goulding.

At some point, since obviously I couldn’t speak and there was music, I think I touched it, and maybe it was a secret thank you. I don’t know what it was, but for me maybe it was like that and how I felt and some photos came out of it.”

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