Virginia Cavaliers claim No. 25 spot in 247Sports countdown

Virginia Cavaliers claim No. 25 spot in 247Sports countdown

“Isaac Traudt is a really skilled big man. He has good size, he’s a kid who can stretch the floor and put the ball on the floor. He’s a great fit at Virginia with his ability to space the floor and play within that system. He will need to get stronger, and the biggest learning curve with all the freshmen is how are they able to translate their games on the defensive end of the floor—at Virginia, that’s what earns you playing time more than anything else. So that’s always an area not of concern, but a question: how good defensively will he be? He’s so skilled and smart, his offense is going to be able to translate. Defensively, that’s something to monitor. If he defends at a high level, you could see him quite a bit early. Ultimately, he’s a really good player.

“He definitely fits the mold of what Virginia could play at the four in that he’s so skilled. He’s not as physical or as athletically gifted as some of those other guys (Jayden Gardner and past standouts like De’Andre Hunter), but he has the skill set to thrive there. I think looking at how they’ve used some of those guys is a fair way to look at how they might plan to use a guy like Traudt.

“Isaac McKneely brings good size for a guard. He’s really skilled, really smart and a good athlete—he was one of those kids who always seemed to make the right play. Physically and athletically, he could step in and contribute from Day One. Obviously again, he all comes back to defense and what his play looks like on the defensive end, but he’s 6-4 185-to-190 and just a highly skilled, well-rounded player. If there’s one thing you can say about him, it’s that he’s very well-rounded.

“To me, yes, he is the most ready of this class to play a major role right away. Physically, athletically, he’s ready to contribute on Day One. You never know what a freshman is going to look like when he’s tossed into an ACC game, but he’s one of those guys who attacks the rim and knows when the defense converges to kick the ball out. He knows how to move off the ball. I’d be surprised if he struggled to see the floor.

“I think that Leon Bond could play a role similar to that of Jayden Gardner down the line, guys who can play both the three and the four. He plays with an extremely high motor, is a great athlete, and he can make a shot from midrange, rebound and defend. His long-range shooting is something he could look to improve on, but ultimately you’re talking about a 6-5, long, hybrid forward who plays really hard. He can provide a mismatch in some areas.

“Ryan (Dunn) is a talented long-term prospect, but he may need some time to keep developing and building up his body. He’s a late-bloomer who grew late in his high school year and actually finished his career at Long Island Lutheran before picking up his first Division I offer. He really emerged in the following spring and summer, after deciding not to do a post-grad year.

“He’s a clear talent with undeniable long-term potential, but may require some patience. He has good wing size, length, solid athleticism, shot-making ability from three, and untapped potential on both ends of the floor. He needs to build up his body and just keep developing his consistency on both ends.

“Just looking at the ACC recruiting classes, I do see this class developing into a real threat in the ACC in 2-to-3 years. I think this class is second (in the ACC) behind Duke, and while the transfer portal makes it more difficult to gauge what teams will look like down the road, just looking at the recruiting classes, in two or three years, this class could be one that puts Virginia in contention for the ACC title.” — Travis Branham and Adam Finkelstein, 247Sports national basketball analysts.

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